Image Color Correction

What is Photoshop color correction?

Photo Color Correction Services by Clipping Path Idea provides all kinds of editing relating to color. Photographs today are digitalized and colored with details so perfect. Though the details are quite rich, the color may not be always appealing as required. So, color correction becomes important to take care of all the imperfections. And, the output is perfect without the defects. However, professional photographers do some modifications during and after photography. But, still, the importance of photo color correction is undeniable.

What is Photo Color Correction Service?

Color correction of photography is a post-production service where we modify, correct, or change color (s). Working on the whole photograph may be easy but if it comes out with a specific area, the process is technical. We may need to use other photo editing services with this one to do proper color modification. Also, the use of color change is a common part of the service. 

Like all other photo editing services, color correction services have some categorizations as well. Some of them depend on the color present in the photographs. And, some of them are required to add or change considering the subjects and the field to use them. Clipping Path Idea handles all the kinds in one place and gives you the best results possible. The categories of color correction services are

  • Colorization
  • Color Vibrance
  • Color Replacement
  • Color Change
  • Effect Addition
  • Color Toning

Colorzation : Colorization is the most basic part of photo color correction  in action with different criteria. Most of the time, we perform with colorization for the photographs that are black and white. Well, this is obvious that if there is color why would someone like to color that again? Yes, there are some situations where the proper color can only  chievable by desaturating the existing one. So, if you have such kind of photographs, just hand them over to Clipping  Path Idea and we give you colored photographs the best possible.

Color Vibrance : The existing colors are not always highlighting due to the environment or photography mistakes. We are not telling that Color Vibrance is only usable where the color is not perfect. Sometimes, the colors in photographs may be perfect but some vibrance can improve the look even more.

Color Replacement : The color in the photographs is perfect but the combination is not. Changing color arrangements can make a big difference where we do Color Replacement. We focus on specific color or area and change that as required. And, it is mentionable that, other areas that do not need changes will be as they were before.

Color Change :  Color change for product photographs often becomes important for presentation. The photograph of the product may be in one color or in a combination. But, you may need other colors or combinations that you have already produced. You do not need to photograph the same product with different colors over and over again. Just let CLIPPING PATH IDEA do the job digitally and perfectly.

Effect Addition : Color modification is one part of the operation. And, Effect Addition is another part of the colored subjects. Well, the category is only addable if you need to. Otherwise, you can ignore it. But, the addition of effects can give your  photographs a different look with different appeals.

Color Toning : Photographs taken with the natural light do not give the best look you like? No problem. Clipping path Idea has a color toning category to make up for all the shortcomings related to tone. The category is inter-related to Color Vibrance but the purpose is to tune the original one only.

How We Do It?

All the operations related to photo color correction starts with the observation. Color modification is a tactical part where a simple mistake can ruin it all. So, after getting the project files together, we have a look at them to sort out the potential. Well, we follow the instructions that come with the project intimately. But, it is our responsibility to look for anything that is required but not mentioned. However, we know that you have a better idea of what is required and what not. Still, we take the liberty of analyzing the photographs for a better output. After that, we do the modifications as required. Meanwhile, we point out if anything more you may need for the best output. And, we believe, the suggestions will be beneficial to you without any doubt. 

Who Need Photo Color Correction Service?

Color is the most important part of photographs to make things properly understanding. The necessity of color correction starts with the field or section of use. Today marketing is the most common field where proper presentation with proper color is unavoidable. So, people related to marketing are the primary level of clients who need the service the most. The next level is for the photographer. Professional photographers often stay busy with photography and cannot spare time for editing. Also, liaison houses that maintain various clients for photo editing also need the service.