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Image editing is a common operation that anyone likes to have relating to marketing. You can have an eye-catchy presentation for your product or services. And, the clients will be interested more with the polished photographs that can attract them. Moreover, Photoshop masking is such a process to make different kinds of presentations for you. And, that means, you can upload the images in various forms which will be a plus point. Especially, the editing of images brings out the best look of a product or a person. So, the final result is beneficial for the marketer or company that uses image editing.

Image masking service is one of the top wanted services that clients ask for photo editing. Model photographs or product, image masking is very famous for non-destructive operation as well as perfect isolation. The operation needs the touch of expert hands and rich in experiences who work in this for years. We have the capability to follow both the terms for the performance you always need to have. However, no human being is free of errors. We give you satisfaction not only with services but also with the revision facility within the shortest time possible.

The bulk services by CLIPPING PATH IDEA hold the real performance in action. The only thing you need to do is placing the order with the project files to us and provide the instructions to follow. Most of the times’ image masking is asked for removing the background for complex images. However, it is possible to handle simple images with basic shapes with this. Whatever your requirements are, we are here to serve you with the best bulk services. We start working right after receiving the confirmation from your end. So, you can have the done files within your expected period of time. And, we do our best to maintaining the quality and serve you with the best.

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Image Masking Service is a pretty smart and non-destructive operation that we already know. So, you need a service provider who can give you the most accurate results you need. Well, if you can do it yourself, that would be the best for sure. But, if you need someone to do it for you, you should look for a reliable company for satisfactory output. CLIPPING PATH IDEA represents itself as the most trusted one for the same. Hand-drawn image masking is one special method where we use Pen-Tablet (Wacom device) for the best touch. But, the expertise is not with the device we use. Instead, it depends on the photo editors who work on that.

Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories

The categorization of professional image masking services varies on the service provider’s explanation. But, there are some basic parts that you can choose from according to your need. Well, sometimes you may need more than one category considering the subject and the target. The price will vary on that as well. However, we always try to keep the price low in average during this kind of situation.

Clipping Mask

Clipping Mask is a bond between Clipping Path and Image Masking with the touch of Photoshop AI. Though it sounds like combining the patched area with a mask, the real implementation is a little different. We use it when we have the text and an image in different layers and need the image visible through text. CLIPPING PATH IDEA takes care of this sort of method so precisely. Sometimes, we use the Clipping Path Service if necessary.

Hair Masking

Super complex subjects are difficult to mask with basic selection. Like a human model with stray hair or furry dolls or these kinds of subjects needs more operation than usual. The hair masking photo editing by selection comes out the best with Photoshop automatic options. You can call this a hair masking service as this method does not apply anywhere else. CLIPPING PATH IDEA takes care of this kind of subject maintaining all the hairs in range.


CLIPPING PATH IDEA is a photo editing company that provides the most accurate services for you. The quality is always uncompromising and the price is reasonable. We compare our services and price with the existing service providers and try to give you more than that. So, we make sure to provide the best services including image masking in Photoshop. Our goal is to reach the topmost position in photo editing services. And, it is not limited to quality or price only. We are here to give you 24/7 round-the-clock support with a large capacity image masking online and quick turnaround.

Image Masking Services At Clipping Path Idea

Who needs image masking services? Online marketers and manufacturers who want to make a better presentation in photos need this generally. And, naturally, the output should be smart, perfect, and appealing. This special image editing service is very popular for the non-destructive operation. Also, the subjects with soft edges could not be any better than this one. Moreover, Photoshop artificial intelligence is a big support to do the editing in an efficient way. Thanks to adobe corporation to provide such amazing advantages in the best program. CLIPPING PATH IDEA uses it to give you the best Image Masking Services for any of your purposes. We are here for you anytime you need us. And, if you look for the best photo editing service provider near you, trust CLIPPING PATH IDEA as the most reliable one.

Service quality is the priority for both buyer and seller both but the price is another issue that you cannot ignore. You won’t accept any price for a service how good that would be, do you?  Masking in digital image processing is a matter where the quality and price are focusing. So, CLIPPING PATH IDEA keeps the price reasonable and comparatively lower than other service providers. You can mask a picture from us with the best quality starting at $1.00USD per image. But, before that, why don’t you try us for free? We have two free trial options for you to evaluate our services. Also, you can have up to a 50% discount on bulk depending on the quantity and the service type you need.

The Importance Of Image Masking Service

The importance of the masking service needs thousands of words as it is one of the most used services. The first thing is, the whole process is non-destructive. And, that means, you can return to the original form, change any part, or modify it anytime you need to. The Photoshop masking service has opened a great opportunity in photo editing. The second thing is, the selection is easy and very specific with Alpha Channel Masking. The third thing is, transparent masking which allows you to keep the subject as it should be. Also, there are more advantages that other photo editing methods cannot provide.

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The art of Image Masking Service is Alpha Channel Mask where we use color channels. Photoshop provides some specific options for masking pictures with this category. In fact, it recognizes the basic colors Red, Green, and Blue that is RGB in short. We select the best compatible color channel to isolate the subject.

The first and the most common masking category is Layer Mask. The concept is simple that comes out with the selection made by any selection tool. For example, if we mask a mobile phone, we make a selection around it and use the mask option. The mask adds with the same layer after implementation. Layer Masking is the most common product photo editing service to keep the original image intact.

Color Masking is all about color modification, change, replacing, or desaturating. The operation is with several steps such as selection, isolation, color modification, and replacement. We do the complete activity so precisely so that you can have the best of Color Masking Service. Photo masking service is incomplete without this category. And, of course, this can give you a different presentation that, no other categories can.

Image subject that is not solid but transparent requires Transparent Object Masking. The isolation of such kind of subject is pretty tricky. At first, we select the subject to use layer masking. Then, we go for transparency where necessary. The masking in image processing for this kind needs expertise that CLIPPING PATH IDEA has. No matter how difficult your image subject is just send us and we will do the rest.

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