Neck Joint/ Ghost Mannequin Service

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost Mannequin Services by Clipping Path Idea gives the quality of performance like no other. The background of the service creation was quite reasonable and effective. Fashion models are expensive and less available whereas the apparel presentation cannot wait for long. Time is money. So, if you cannot marketwise your garment or apparel products in time, you will stay behind. Ghost Mannequin Service is not limited to the human model and available at all times. Also, purchasing a mannequin is a one-time investment that saves the cost of multiple times uses.

The prime objective of ghost mannequin photo editing is to give the apparel photo a ghostly look. So, there are some types of this editing of course. The category comes with the editing methods you may need to add. All of the categories may be useful for the same apparel photo. And, sometimes one is enough. The choice is up to you. The categories of ghost mannequin are;

  • Neck Joint 
  • Sleeve Joint 
  • Bottom Joint 
  • 3D/360° Packshot 

Neck Joint : The most basic and asked Ghost Mannequin Service by clients is the Neck Joint Service. Apparels that we wear on the upper portion of our body have a neck part generally. The photograph of the apparel can show only one part of the apparel at a time. And, they are the front part or the back part. We combine the parts after removing the mannequin and do a neck joint to give the apparel a full view.

Sleeve Joint : The Sleeve Joint of the ghost mannequin is not asked very often but it is important as well. We do the basic cut-out of the apparel photo from the background and add the back part of the sleeves. The addition of the back part of the sleeves is similar to the previous category. Sometimes, we need to replicate one part to place for both of the sleeves.

Bottom Joint : Apparels that contain the bottom-back part is longer than the front part requires the Bottom Joint the most. Sometimes, clients ask for the service to make a better presentation for those that do not need it.  Also, can modify the part according to your requirements like enlarging or pattern replication. The final image will be as perfect as the original one with a hollow view.

3D/360° Packshot : The most advanced category of ghost mannequin photo editing is 3D/360° Packshot. The name demands animation with a rotating view of the apparel photograph. We will need photos of the apparel from every angle required for a complete rotating view. The more photos you add, the better the animation will be. As for the operation, we do all the activities as above categories and create animation finally. The apparel will show a seamless presentation by the editing of the experts of CLIPPING PATH IDEA.

The Usage of Ghost Effects

Ghost Effects or Invisible Mannequin Effects has great importance today for apparel presentation. Mannequins can never replace the position of real human beings actually. But, the service by removing the mannequin can perform better in a different way. The editing of apparel with mannequins and give a 3D look is less cost-consuming. And, the look of the final images is truly eye-catchy. Also, mannequins are easy to get, can use multiple times, and not limited to hours like human models. Also, small business holders or starters can save marketing costs using the service.

How CLIPPING PATH IDEA Work On Ghost Mannequin Service?

The work procedure for Neck Joint Service is not so different than other photo editing services. We do Clipping Path, Retouching, Manipulation, enhancements, and even more. At first, we cut out the apparel parts from the whole image. And the process we do by Clipping Path Services. Here we mentioned ‘Apparel Parts’ because we need front and back parts for the operation. Secondly, we correct the impurities, wrinkles, and anything that are harmful for a perfect presentation. After that, we add a solid-colored background behind the subject and combine the front part with the back part. Also, we add a shadow behind the front part and remove the spreading. As for 3D/360° Packshot, we use animation with rotating time adjustment.

Who Need Ghost Mannequin Services?

Apparel manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and sellers are the front-level people who need the service. Photographers also use this as the ghost mannequin product photography is unlike regular ones. Professional photographers are unable to spend enough time on this kind of editing. Also, liaison houses that take orders from other clients need someone to do this. And, sometimes brand apparel business holders use this for a different impression.

Ghost Mannequin Services At CLIPPING PATH IDEA

We use the most advanced photo editing program Photoshop to do intimate editing. Our expert photo editors are efficient enough to manage this kind of activity. They work day and night in circulation so that the production never stops. Our customer support division is always online and ready to serve. We work properly and responsibly so that you can have the best from us. Moreover, we have an unlimited revision facility if there is any mistake left with our works.