Shadow Creation

What is the Drop Shadow?

Drop shadow service contains two basic terms to work on for a successful implementation. The terms are ‘Drop’ and ‘Shadow’. According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘Drop’ means “let or make (something) fall vertically”. And, ‘Shadow’ means “a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface”. The combination of these two terms comes as one in ‘Drop Shadow’. The theory is as explained but the implementation is digitalized in photographs. An artificial shadow that we add below the isolated subject is the drop shadow in photo editing. 


How We DO Drop Shadow Creation? 

Drop shadow photoshop operation is relevant to some matters of the subject we need to handle. The first thing is isolation. The subject should be without the background as the most basic condition. So, we separate the subject from the whole photograph and move forward to the next step. Then we place a solid-colored background especially a white one. Then we add the drop shadow following the subject. During the operation, we maintain the best match of the shadow to the subject. Shadow depth, spreading, angle, lighting direction, and all the issues we take care of properly. Also, we look for your instructions in this manner to meet your satisfaction.

How Drop Shadow Can Role in the eCommerce Market?

Among all the photo editing services you may need, the Drop Shadow Service is unique with the characteristic. You can use the Photo Cut Out Service to separate the subject from the background. But, the presentation is not applicable in the online marketplace because of the look. The subject will be inappropriate and unnatural where something is missing. A shadow according to the isolated subject can give a better impression. The visuals can be better with the proper implementation of the drop shadow. And, CLIPPING PATH IDEA focuses on perfection with the operation so that you can achieve a better position in the eCommerce market.

Shadow creation is well-known and demanding as Photoshop shadow services. Well, there is a big reason behind that. The Drop Shadow operation originally comes out of Photoshop. You will see them below the layer panel in the program. Photoshop artificial intelligence has given a great option to add this kind of shadow. Still, we have categorized this into some types for your convenience.

  • Drop Shadow  
  • Natural Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow

Drop Shadow

The most basic category of drop shadow service is from the artificial intelligence of Adobe Photoshop. The option is available with the layer style where shadow creation and modification are possible. The shadow should be matching the subject that is isolated. So, we analyze the subject well to figure out the best fit. The light direction, the shadow length, the depth of the shadow, etc. are the things to focus on. Finally, we add the shadow that gives the best result.

Natural Shadow

Natural shadow services are another important part of drop shadow where we evaluate it as the original. Well, it becomes necessary to change the angle a little bit considering the cut-out. The subject may turn different after the isolation from the whole photograph. So, the shadow we need to add in a natural way should be different than the original one. Keeping the original shadow can be beneficial if the subject is not for eCommerce websites. But, the natural shadow we are referring to is complete and fit for the online marketplace.

Reflection Shadow

A smart kind of shadow for a specific kind of product presentation is the Reflection Shadow. CLIPPING PATH IDEA provides the reflection shadow creation service for you leaving no trace. How we do it is not so important but the most important part is how good are we at this. Reflection shadow is widely used for products that are transparent, semi-transparent, or exclusive showpieces. Sometimes, this kind of shadow makes a big difference for jewelry and cosmetics products. We create the reflection shadow in such a way that you will find it more appealing than the original one.

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